August 4, 2013

Number of the Day

Every morning my students start their day with their morning workbook. 
This is a time for them to get settled and transition into the school day.  The Number of the Day (or Calendar Math) pages are a great tool for ongoing practice with number sense. And the best part is you can differentiate based on what best fits the needs of your children!  You can pick the template that works best for you and your class (there are FOUR to choose from!)  and you get to pick the numbers that you use each day. Maybe they will be related to the date or the number of school days, or maybe you (or your students) will pick a random number each day. Either way, this is completely customizable to best fit what you need!
I also included two different coordinating writing papers with the set.  You may want to use Number of the Day (or Calendar Math) one day and have a writing prompt (or free write) the next.   Or later in the year when your kiddos are becoming such math masters and they breeze through their Number of the Day, they can also have some morning journal time.  Once again, customize it how you need.

Lastly, there are three different covers to choose from, 
once again so it goes with what you need/like/want!
If this interests you, head on over to my TPT shop to get yourself a set!

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