August 23, 2013

Five for Friday

It was my last week of summer this week. I go back to work on Monday & my new group of kiddos arrive at my door after labor day. In hopes of getting in every last minute of summer's goodness, the Mr. & I headed to Chicago for a few days.  So, this week's five for friday is looking a little more like Chicago's five.

 The Mr. & I hopped on a train Tuesday morning and we made our way to the city.
We spent the day exploring, doing some furniture looking (CB2, West Elm & Design Within Reach, oh my!) & enjoying dinner with friends that live in the city.

We spent some time just sitting on a bench by the beach. Watching the people 
go by & taking in the sights of Lake Michigan.  It was pure relaxation. 

 We visited the bean, we checked out Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Show 
& we walked around Art Institute.

We took an architectural boat tour through the Chicago River and out into Lake Michigan, which we loved! It was so cool to see the skyline from out in the lake.

I guess the trip wasn't all play.  I spent the train ride home working on a new place value unit. Spending six hours on a train working on school stuff somewhat helps to transition you back to reality. somewhat. 

Now i'm off to enjoy my last couple days before my work reality sets in.
Happy Weekend!


  1. After reading your post I've got that song 'I Just Blew in from the Windy City' from Calamity Jane stuck in my head! :) Looks like such a relaxing weekend, nothing like a few days away from reality to make you feel refreshed.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. What a great week you had! I brought my laptop to work on products when we drove to New York too! It's hard for us teachers to relax! haha
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. Looks like an awesome trip! My hubby hates when I work during vacation. He wants all my attention...much like my first graders lol! Hope you have a great last weekend before work!
    Rambling About Reading

  4. It looks like you had a great time! fun thing to do before school starts.


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