July 29, 2013

Monday Made It: Math Wall Posters

I have been busy making math posters. I made some coin posters last year that had these poems on them and my second graders just loved them!  The poems really helped those kiddos that struggled with remembering how much each coin was worth.  But, the posters were on the smaller side, and since I have been updating my other classroom decor & posters, I just had to make these match.
Next up, Odd & Even posters.  These are a great reference for my students and the fonts and chevron coordinate with everything else in my room - a double win in my book!
I bundled the coin posters, odd & even posters, and some small number cards for counting by fives together & they are now for sale in my brand new, just opened 
TPT shop! You can get the poster set here.

I also made a set of Math Keyword Posters.  These will also be used as a reference in my classroom when children are solving word problems. I just love how colorful they are and they're right to the point for quick reference. 
You can get this set here.

Now, I'm off to check out more great projects over at 4th Grade Frolics! 

July 25, 2013

Summer School

 Today wrapped up our three weeks of summer school.  Some teachers cringe at the thought of working during our summer off, but I have taught summer school for five of the past six summers and I just love it.  I mean, I have a handful of children for a few hours four days a week.  It's just enough to get me going each day, while I still have most of my day to do whatever I please. ah summer. Plus, that handful of children are getting so much one-on-one personalized instruction. It's amazing the things we conquer!
This week I used these great summer writing activities from Journey of a Substitute Teacher.  We snacked on some watermelon and used our descriptive words to tell all about what we were feeling and tasting. Then we got creative and wrote about what it would be like if we swallowed a watermelon seed. We also imagined up some delicious ice cream flavors and made these adorable ice cream cones describing our flavors. It was the perfect ending to our summer days together.
Speaking of perfect, I walked into my classroom this week to find that the old carpet had been removed, meaning new carpet is on it's way to my classroom! oh happy day!

July 22, 2013

Monday Made It: Where Are We?

Every time my students and I left our classroom, either to go to a special, to head down to our reading buddies' classroom, or for an assembly, I was worried other students or teachers would not know where to find us.  I have seen so many of these great classroom signs I knew this would do the trick.  So I made one!
 I'm so excited with how it turned out.  It's going to look great in the hallway leading into my room. & with a quick clip of a card, everyone will know where we are.

If you would like a copy for yourself, click here to download a free copy!
The download includes gym, art, music, library, lunch, computers, recess, assembly, and spanish.  I also included a few blank cards so you can write in whatever best suits your class.  I simply laminated mine then hot glued a clothe pin so the cards can be easily changed out. (I'll probably make this a student job.)

While I was thinking about my hallway, I also made these bunting flags to label my "news" bulletin board that is just outside my door.

What have you been making? 
Head over to 4th grade frolics to link up with Monday Made It!
& be sure to check out all the other great ideas that are being shared.

July 5, 2013

favorite pins friday

If you're anything like me, you love pinterest! I just love finding inspiration for my home, fashion ideas, meals to make & of course, new classroom ideas. I'm am thrilled that Cara over at The First Grade Parade is hosting favorite pins friday this summer. Here are a few of my favorite pins that I found this week...
1.  I love Amy Lemons' wear it proudly pack!  Kiddos will feel so special being able to sport their achievements for all to see. These will definitely be finding their way into my classroom this next school year!

2.  This where are we? board that Miss Kindergarten made is too cute! I will be making this before the school year starts.
3.  This corn salsa is amazing! I made it to bring to a friends cottage for the 4th & we just couldn't stop eating it. Definitely a great summer snack.

4.  I saw this caprese pasta salad and did not hesitate to pin it.  I love caprese salad & pasta salad, so I'm  sure I'll love a combination of the two. 
5.  These dino magnets are the cutest! what a fun little touch to add to you fridge. I immediately added them to the summer project list.

6. I am such a fan of Merrick's style.  I read her blog regularly and have pinned so many of her outfits for fashion inspiration.  This graphic t & striped skirt is a great summer outfit to running errands, going to lunch with friends, and just being comfortable.

Now head on over the The First Grade Parade to see more favorite pins from the week!

July 2, 2013

let's get acquainted

Latoya over at Flying into First Grade came up with this great little tic tac toe board filled with topics as a way to share a little bit about ourselves. I chose to answer the bottom row.

Favorite Grade to Teach:
Second grade is definitely my favorite grade to teach! I have been teaching 2nd grade for the past six years and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just love that age.  My kiddos are becoming more and more independent throughout the year while they are still so sweet and innocent. Plus, I love the curriculum that I get to teach to those curious minds.

Favorite Clothes and Shoes Stores:
I love fashion and style but I am also a girl that loves a good deal.  I am a big Target & Old Navy shopper.  I love that I can always find cute clothes at both of those stores without breaking the bank.

My Hobbies:
I love interior design.  I have always said that if I had not become a teacher, interior design would have been my calling.  I read tons of interior design blogs and I have whole heartedly enjoyed styling my home.  I also have a passion for photography.  I spent last summer learning more about my DSLR and finding my way out of the auto settings. I'm still learning but I have seen myself come a long way from where I started.

Be sure to head on over to Flying into First Grade to get acquainted with more great teachers!

Rainbow Chalkboard Calendar Numbers & Months of the Year

As promised, here is a set of calendar numbers that coordinate with my Rainbow Chalkboard Days of the Week.  This set includes numbers 1-31, some birthday squares to mark student birthdays, and some important day squares such as field trips and no school days.  I also added in some blank squares so you can write in whatever you like. (After laminating, I usually write with vis-a-vis overhead markers. With a little bit of water and a paper towel they wipe right off!) 

Get this set here!

& while I was at it, I made some months of the year to complete your calendar.

You can find the set here!

Linking up with Kinder Alphabet's

July 1, 2013


I'm linking up with oh boy 4th grade again to share this months currently.

listening: to of monsters and men.  I just can't get enough of their music lately.

loving: these perfect summer days & the two sweet new babies that were welcomed into the world last week. My sister and my best friend both had baby girls on the same day last week.  Here's to a summer full of baby snuggling!

thinking: about all the free time I have ahead of me & making plans for the days: water park, baby time, afternoon dates with the husband, oh yes!

wanting: this summer to go by as slow as possible. need I say more?

needing: to get up and get motivated. I have a to do list that I must conquer today.

tips, tricks, or hints: make lists!  I am such a list maker. They help me stay organized and motivated. It's pretty silly how I find such joy in accomplishing and crossing things off my lists, but it works.

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to be sure you catch all of the living, laughing & learning that will be shared here,
including more of my rainbow chalkboard freebies that are on their way!

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