July 25, 2013

Summer School

 Today wrapped up our three weeks of summer school.  Some teachers cringe at the thought of working during our summer off, but I have taught summer school for five of the past six summers and I just love it.  I mean, I have a handful of children for a few hours four days a week.  It's just enough to get me going each day, while I still have most of my day to do whatever I please. ah summer. Plus, that handful of children are getting so much one-on-one personalized instruction. It's amazing the things we conquer!
This week I used these great summer writing activities from Journey of a Substitute Teacher.  We snacked on some watermelon and used our descriptive words to tell all about what we were feeling and tasting. Then we got creative and wrote about what it would be like if we swallowed a watermelon seed. We also imagined up some delicious ice cream flavors and made these adorable ice cream cones describing our flavors. It was the perfect ending to our summer days together.
Speaking of perfect, I walked into my classroom this week to find that the old carpet had been removed, meaning new carpet is on it's way to my classroom! oh happy day!

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