July 2, 2013

let's get acquainted

Latoya over at Flying into First Grade came up with this great little tic tac toe board filled with topics as a way to share a little bit about ourselves. I chose to answer the bottom row.

Favorite Grade to Teach:
Second grade is definitely my favorite grade to teach! I have been teaching 2nd grade for the past six years and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just love that age.  My kiddos are becoming more and more independent throughout the year while they are still so sweet and innocent. Plus, I love the curriculum that I get to teach to those curious minds.

Favorite Clothes and Shoes Stores:
I love fashion and style but I am also a girl that loves a good deal.  I am a big Target & Old Navy shopper.  I love that I can always find cute clothes at both of those stores without breaking the bank.

My Hobbies:
I love interior design.  I have always said that if I had not become a teacher, interior design would have been my calling.  I read tons of interior design blogs and I have whole heartedly enjoyed styling my home.  I also have a passion for photography.  I spent last summer learning more about my DSLR and finding my way out of the auto settings. I'm still learning but I have seen myself come a long way from where I started.

Be sure to head on over to Flying into First Grade to get acquainted with more great teachers!


  1. I am with you on Target! I have been finding some cute dresses and skirts there! Love it!!



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