July 30, 2014

wow work! - student work display

Since sharing photos of my classroom both here and on instagram, I frequently receive comments and questions about my wow work student work display, so I figured I should write a post about it. 
This wall is by far one of my favorite displays in my classroom.  Not only is it eye catching when you enter into my room, but it is also hugely convenient for showcasing student work.  I am constantly updating this wall to show student work that is current and relevant to what we are learning.  My students are always excited to show off their work and having this display this past year has made it so easy to do so.
I started this display by picking out some bright scrapbook paper. I found this 12x12 paper from a pack from Michaels.  It's heavier duty paper, more like a card stock.  After selecting the colors I wanted from the pack, I hot glued a clothespin to the top of the scrapbook paper.  To a little something extra, I covered the clothespins with washi tape.
As for hanging my display, this wall is actually a chalkboard.  yes, an old school blackboard.  I simply stuck some double sided tape on each corner of the scrapbook paper and stuck it to the wall.  I did find that as the year went on the center behind the clothespin started to pull away from the wall.  I just added another piece of double sided tape to the scrapbook paper directly behind the clothespin and that seemed to do the trick. I added a fun chevron border around the display, titled it with colorful die cut letters, and it was good to go for a year full of wonderful student "wow work!"


  1. It looks so good!!! I might do this for our word wall! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVED your bulletin board so much that I duplicated it for this coming school year! thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I have been agonizing over what to do with my huge chalkboard, and this is perfect. I might spray paint some wood strips and hot glue thumb tacks to the backs of the clothes pins like I've seen on similar boards. I love the color scheme! Did you laminate the paper?

  4. I love this so much! Where did you get that alphabet?

  5. Did you glue the clothespins to the scrapbook paper or just tape them down?

  6. I am a second year teacher teaching resource and I have to say I love your set up! Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas. I have to ask, where can I get that alphabet? I love it...please share this would be great for my sped kiddos. :)

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