November 11, 2013

Fall into Place!

The past few weeks have been all about place value in our little second grade world. We've done centers galore, we sorted numbers, we highlighted digits in certain places, we made numbers with base-10 blocks & we practiced expanded form until we were all experts.  These kiddos seriously know their place value now & they are loving it.
My awesome teammate created this fantastic place value sort. I'm so grateful for having a creative partner at school with me. You can check out her TPT shop here.
& we just had to make our hallway bulletin board match the season 
while displaying all that we were learning about place value.Throughout these past few weeks, we have been using all sorts of goodies from my place value centers & printables pack. This pack of centers and printables is perfect for differentiated practice 
with place value including ones, tens, 
hundreds, and thousands! It includes seven different centers with coordinating printables all focused on place value concepts. Each center and printable can be differentiated to best fit your students needs. We used these like crazy and my kiddos loved them all!
grab a set for yourself at my TpT shop.

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