May 25, 2013

Classroom Organization

I'm linking up with Ladybug's Teacher Files & Fun in 4B to share a little about what has saved me in the organization department this year. I spent five years in the same classroom, I had my routines, processes & organization all figured out. But this year, I switched to a new school, meaning new room, new routines, and the need for new organization. Here are a few of my favorite organization tips & tools.
This little area on my desk is the command center.  I rarely sit at my desk, but I do use it to hold  the important stuff that I need to grab throughout the day. The caddy and cups hold the items I need to get to often & quickly: attendance clipboard, need to be copied file, pens, (adult) scissors, markers, paper clips.  The chevron binder is my grade book, lesson plan book, & important notes holder. This area houses a lot of must have things in an organized way.
 Next up is my teacher resource shelf that sits behind my desk. The binders on the top hold lessons, worksheets & activities. I have a binder for each subject.  Each binder is organized by unit (in chronological order, of course) for quick reference.  The blue magazine files are filled with additional resource books and organized by subject.  
My subject bins keep my student materials organized.  I try to have copies made, center activities gathered, and materials collected for an entire unit. (This saves me from spending time at the copier each week!) When it is time for that subject, everything I need is in one place ready to go. This shelf keeps the transitions and teaching running smooth throughout the day.
Finally, there's the supplies.  I'm  a believer that everything needs a place and a label. (OCD Organizer) The frequently used supplies get their own plastic bin with matching labels, easy for the kiddos to get what they need and put back where it belongs.


  1. I love your labels for the school supplies. Did you make them or download them from somewhere?

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Oh I just love all of your organization! Everything is sorted so nicely! Thanks so much for linking up with us :)

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up! I just love seeing other classrooms and getting ideas for my own.

  3. Your command center is very cute! Love it! I want a shelf for my binders to look that nice. Right now, my binders are homeless. :( Thanks for sharing your classroom with us!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  4. Do you have a template or the size of your labels for the shoe box labels?

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