July 19, 2013

favorite pins friday

another week, another favorite pins friday post!
1. I just love this idea for a hands on approach to geometric shapes from abeec preschool. Of course, the fact that the sticks are color coded & labeled make them even more perfect!

2.  This back to school craft from A Cupcake for the Teacher will definitely be happening in my classroom this fall. It's too cute!
3. I just love this print from The Vintage Bee etsy shop. So simple & so perfect. I think it would be a great piece to add to a gallery wall at home.

4.  This has to happen to my desk chair this summer.  I inherited the grungiest, old desk chair with my classroom this year. With some chevron fabric and this tutorial from Everybody is a Genius my chair will look like new.
5.  I pinned, printed & laminated The Teacher Wife's What Do Writer's Write? pencil this week. It's going to look super cute on my writing bulletin board this year!

6.  I read "Have you filled a Bucket Today?" to my students every year. I love Christina Bainbridge's daily bucket filler jar to encourage everyone to fill buckets daily.

& be sure to check out this awesome giveaway over at oh boy 4th Grade!
$100 to school outfitters - oh the possibilities are endless!!

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